2015 Super Rugby Draw (Dates and Times are local venue)

Round 1
Date VenueTime
Fri 13 Feb 2015Crusaders v RebelsAMI Stadium7:35PM
Fri 13 Feb 2015Brumbies v RedsGIO Stadium7:40PM
Fri 13 Feb 2015Lions v HurricanesEllis Park7:10PM
Sat 14 Feb 2015Blues v ChiefsQBE Stadium7:35PM
Sat 14 Feb 2015Sharks v CheetahsKings Park5:05PM
Sat 14 Feb 2015Bulls v StormersLoftus Versfeld Stadium7:10PM
Sun 15 Feb 2015Waratahs v ForceAllianz Stadium4:05PM
Round 2
Date VenueTime
Fri 20 Feb 2015Chiefs v BrumbiesYarrow Stadium7:35PM
Fri 20 Feb 2015Rebels v WaratahsAAMI Park7:40PM
Fri 20 Feb 2015Bulls v HurricanesLoftus Versfeld Stadium7:10PM
Sat 21 Feb 2015Highlanders v CrusadersForsyth Barr Stadium7:35PM
Sat 21 Feb 2015Reds v ForceSuncorp Stadium6:40PM
Sat 21 Feb 2015Stormers v BluesNewlands Stadium5:05PM
Sat 21 Feb 2015Sharks v LionsKings Park7:10PM
Round 3
Date VenueTime
Fri 27 Feb 2015Highlanders v RedsForsyth Barr Stadium7:35PM
Fri 27 Feb 2015Force v HurricanesNIB Stadium7:00PM
Fri 27 Feb 2015Cheetahs v BluesFree State Rugby Stadium7:10PM
Sat 28 Feb 2015Chiefs v CrusadersWaikato Stadium7:35PM
Sat 28 Feb 2015Rebels v BrumbiesAAMI Park7:40PM
Sat 28 Feb 2015Bulls v SharksLoftus Versfeld Stadium5:05PM
Sat 28 Feb 2015Lions v StormersEllis Park7:10PM
Round 4
Date VenueTime
Fri 6 Mar 2015Chiefs v HighlandersWaikato Stadium7:35PM
Fri 6 Mar 2015Brumbies v ForceGIO Stadium7:40PM
Sat 7 Mar 2015Blues v LionsQBE Stadium7:35PM
Sat 7 Mar 2015Reds v WaratahsSuncorp Stadium6:40PM
Sat 7 Mar 2015Cheetahs v BullsFree State Rugby Stadium5:05PM
Sat 7 Mar 2015Stormers v SharksNewlands Stadium7:10PM
Round 5
Date VenueTime
Fri 13 Mar 2015Hurricanes v BluesFMG Oval7:35PM
Fri 13 Mar 2015Force v RebelsNIB Stadium7:00PM
Sat 14 Mar 2015Crusaders v LionsAMI Stadium4:30PM
Sat 14 Mar 2015Highlanders v WaratahsForsyth Barr Stadium7:35PM
Sat 14 Mar 2015Reds v BrumbiesSuncorp Stadium6:40PM
Sat 14 Mar 2015Stormers v ChiefsNewlands Stadium3:00PM
Sat 14 Mar 2015Cheetahs v SharksFree State Rugby Stadium5:05PM
Round 6
Date VenueTime
Fri 20 Mar 2015Highlanders v HurricanesForsyth Barr Stadium7:35PM
Fri 20 Mar 2015Rebels v LionsAAMI Park7:40PM
Sat 21 Mar 2015Crusaders v CheetahsAMI Stadium7:35PM
Sat 21 Mar 2015Bulls v ForceLoftus Versfeld Stadium5:05PM
Sat 21 Mar 2015Sharks v ChiefsKings Park7:10PM
Sun 22 Mar 2015Waratahs v BrumbiesAllianz Stadium4:05PM
Round 7
Date VenueTime
Fri 27 Mar 2015Hurricanes v RebelsWestpac Stadium7:35PM
Fri 27 Mar 2015Reds v LionsSuncorp Stadium7:00PM
Sat 28 Mar 2015Chiefs v CheetahsWaikato Stadium4:30PM
Sat 28 Mar 2015Highlanders v StormersForsyth Barr Stadium7:35PM
Sat 28 Mar 2015Waratahs v BluesAllianz Stadium7:35PM
Sat 28 Mar 2015Sharks v ForceKings Park5:05PM
Sat 28 Mar 2015Bulls v CrusadersLoftus Versfeld Stadium7:10PM
Round 8
Date VenueTime
Fri 3 Apr 2015Hurricanes v StormersWestpac Stadium7:35PM
Fri 3 Apr 2015Rebels v RedsAAMI Park7:40PM
Sat 4 Apr 2015Chiefs v BluesWaikato Stadium7:35PM
Sat 4 Apr 2015Brumbies v CheetahsGIO Stadium7:40PM
Sat 4 Apr 2015Sharks v CrusadersKings Park3:00PM
Sat 4 Apr 2015Lions v BullsEllis Park5:05PM
Round 9
Date VenueTime
Fri 10 Apr 2015Blues v BrumbiesEden Park7:35PM
Sat 11 Apr 2015Crusaders v HighlandersAMI Stadium7:35PM
Sat 11 Apr 2015Waratahs v StormersAllianz Stadium7:40PM
Sat 11 Apr 2015Force v CheetahsNIB Stadium7:45PM
Sat 11 Apr 2015Bulls v RedsLoftus Versfeld Stadium3:00PM
Sat 11 Apr 2015Lions v SharksEllis Park5:05PM
Round 10
Date VenueTime
Fri 17 Apr 2015Crusaders v ChiefsAMI Stadium7:35PM
Sat 18 Apr 2015Hurricanes v WaratahsWestpac Stadium4:30PM
Sat 18 Apr 2015Highlanders v BluesForsyth Barr Stadium7:35PM
Sat 18 Apr 2015Brumbies v RebelsGIO Stadium7:40PM
Sat 18 Apr 2015Force v StormersNIB Stadium7:45PM
Sat 18 Apr 2015Sharks v BullsKings Park5:05PM
Sat 18 Apr 2015Cheetahs v RedsFree State Rugby Stadium7:10PM
Round 11
Date VenueTime
Fri 24 Apr 2015Chiefs v ForceWaikato Stadium7:35PM
Fri 24 Apr 2015Brumbies v HighlandersGIO Stadium7:40PM
Sat 25 Apr 2015Crusaders v BluesAMI Stadium7:35PM
Sat 25 Apr 2015Waratahs v RebelsANZ Stadium7:40PM
Sat 25 Apr 2015Lions v CheetahsEllis Park5:05PM
Sat 25 Apr 2015Stormers v BullsNewlands Stadium7:10PM
Sun 26 Apr 2015Reds v HurricanesSuncorp Stadium4:05PM
Round 12
Date VenueTime
Fri 1 May 2015Highlanders v SharksForsyth Barr Stadium7:35PM
Fri 1 May 2015Brumbies v WaratahsGIO Stadium7:40PM
Sat 2 May 2015Blues v ForceEden Park5:30PM
Sat 2 May 2015Hurricanes v CrusadersWestpac Stadium7:35PM
Sat 2 May 2015Rebels v ChiefsAAMI Park7:40PM
Sat 2 May 2015Cheetahs v StormersFree State Rugby Stadium5:05PM
Sat 2 May 2015Bulls v LionsLoftus Versfeld Stadium7:10PM
Round 13
Date VenueTime
Fri 8 May 2015Crusaders v RedsAMI Stadium7:35PM
Fri 8 May 2015Rebels v BluesAAMI Park7:40PM
Sat 9 May 2015Hurricanes v SharksWestpac Stadium7:35PM
Sat 9 May 2015Force v WaratahsNIB Stadium5:40PM
Sat 9 May 2015Lions v HighlandersEllis Park3:00PM
Sat 9 May 2015Stormers v BrumbiesNewlands Stadium5:05PM
Round 14
Date VenueTime
Fri 15 May 2015Blues v BullsEden Park7:35PM
Fri 15 May 2015Reds v RebelsSuncorp Stadium7:40PM
Sat 16 May 2015Hurricanes v ChiefsWestpac Stadium7:35PM
Sat 16 May 2015Waratahs v SharksAllianz Stadium7:40PM
Sat 16 May 2015Lions v BrumbiesEllis Park5:05PM
Sat 16 May 2015Cheetahs v HighlandersFree State Rugby Stadium7:10PM
Round 15
Date VenueTime
Fri 22 May 2015Chiefs v BullsRotorua International Stadium7:35PM
Fri 22 May 2015Reds v SharksSuncorp Stadium7:40PM
Sat 23 May 2015Blues v HurricanesEden Park7:35PM
Sat 23 May 2015Waratahs v CrusadersANZ Stadium7:35PM
Sat 23 May 2015Force v HighlandersNIB Stadium7:45PM
Sat 23 May 2015Cheetahs v LionsFree State Rugby Stadium5:05PM
Sat 23 May 2015Stormers v RebelsNewlands Stadium7:10PM
Round 16
Date VenueTime
Fri 29 May 2015Crusaders v HurricanesTBA7:35PM
Fri 29 May 2015Brumbies v BullsGIO Stadium7:40PM
Fri 29 May 2015Sharks v RebelsKings Park7:10PM
Fri 29 May 2015Highlanders v ChiefsTBA7:35PM
Sat 30 May 2015Force v RedsNIB Stadium5:40PM
Sat 30 May 2015Stormers v CheetahsNewlands Stadium5:05PM
Sat 30 May 2015Lions v WaratahsEllis Park7:10PM
Round 17
Date VenueTime
Fri 5 Jun 2015Hurricanes v HighlandersTBA7:35PM
Fri 5 Jun 2015Force v BrumbiesNIB Stadium7:00PM
Sat 6 Jun 2015Rebels v BullsAAMI Park3:30PM
Sat 6 Jun 2015Blues v CrusadersEden Park7:35PM
Sat 6 Jun 2015Reds v ChiefsSuncorp Stadium7:40PM
Sat 6 Jun 2015Cheetahs v WaratahsFree State Rugby Stadium3:00PM
Sat 6 Jun 2015Stormers v LionsNewlands Stadium5:05PM
Round 18
Date VenueTime
Fri 12 Jun 2015Blues v HighlandersEden Park7:35PM
Fri 12 Jun 2015Rebels v ForceAAMI Park7:40PM
Sat 13 Jun 2015Brumbies v CrusadersGIO Stadium3:30PM
Sat 13 Jun 2015Chiefs v HurricanesYarrow Stadium7:35PM
Sat 13 Jun 2015Waratahs v BluesAllianz Stadium7:40PM
Sat 13 Jun 2015Bulls v CheetahsLoftus Versfeld Stadium5:05PM
Sat 13 Jun 2015Sharks v StormersKings Park7:10PM
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